My Family’s Story - di Barbara Bernardo Ward – Salt Lake City Utah U.S.A.

Pubblichiamo la testimonianza originale in inglese di Barbara Bernardo Ward - che ringraziamo di cuore - relativa alla storia della sua famiglia emigrata da Aiello Calabro negli States i principi del Novecento.

Rinnoviamo l'invito a tutti gli Aiellesi nel Mondo di mandarci le proprie storie che saremo lieti di inserire in questo Blog dedicato a tutti gli Emigrati.


My name is Barbara Bernardi (Bernardo) Ward. My father’s family is from Aiello Calabro and immigrated to America in the early 1900’s. They came to America because life was very difficult for them in Aiello. They were peasants or contadino/a and could not make enough money to live because there were hardships in Aiello. I understand there was an earthquake in Aiello in about 1902 that caused much damage, and many people left Aiello because of that damage.

The following members of my family came to small mining town name Sunnyside in Carbon County, Utah, USA to work. They came there because there was work. They came through Ellis Island in New York City and traveled by train to Utah. Utah is a long way from New York City.

My Family Members Who Came From Italy to America:

  • Francesco Pino -- Arrival date May 31, 1902, he returned to Italy in 1906 and came to America again 1910;
  • Anna Guadagnuolo Pino – First arrival date January 14, 1906, returned to Italy in 1907, and came to America again on November 7, 1910 with her children: Maria (Mary) Pino Bernardo (Bernardi) with her son, Geniale Bernardo (Jay Bernardi), Gianibattista (John) Pino, Giussepina (Josephine) Pino Falsetti (born in the U.S.) and John Joseph Chido (Chiodo) – Unoffically adopted son (born in the U.S.);
  • Pietro Pino – January 14, 1906 (Francesco’s brother);
  • Giulio Bernardo (Julius Bernardi) – Arrival date February 16, 1909;
  • Antonio Bernardo (Tony Bernardi) – Arrival date February 16, 1909;
  • Two other Bernardo (Bernardi) brothers Frank and Joe arrived in America later.

The family lived in Sunnyside, Utah from about 1910 to 1924 when they moved in Bingham Canyon, Utah to work in the huge open pit copper mine. Work in the coal mines in Sunnyside was very hard and very dangerous, so they decided to leave because Francesco Pino and Pietro Pino were both killed in coal mine accidents. Pietro in 1924 and Francesco in 1928. Anna Guadagnuolo Pino was killed in 1922 when she was kicked by a horse. These were very sad times for the family. These family members are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Helper, Utah.

The family dreamed of owning their own farm and after five years of hard work at the copper mine in Bingham Canyon, Utah, they had saved enough money to buy a beautiful fruit farm in Grandview, Provo, Utah. They grew tomatoes, berries, and planted orchards of cherry trees, peach trees, and apple trees. They were famous for their apples. The farm flourished with beautiful fruit for many years, but they sold much of the farm in the 1960’s and retired. The family continued to live on part of the farm, and some of the younger family members still have homes there.

There were other families who came from Aiello Calabro and settled here in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. My father’s sisters married into families that were from Aiello. They are the Francesco Rino family and the Salvatore Pino family. A family named Colosimo also came to Salt Lake. They own a very popular sausage making business. They make sausage the way their ancestors made it in Aiello Calabro.

All of the family members who originally came from Italy are now deceased. They are buried in cemeteries in Provo, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah and some in California. The descendents of Francesco Pino and Anna Guadagnuolo Pino still live in Utah. It is now a very large family. Their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are all enjoying life and are successful individuals. We gather often as a family for weddings, funerals, and holiday occasions. Utah is a beautiful place to live, and the family loves living here. Because of the family’s wonderful history, I recently wrote a book about their lives. I sent my daughter, Mary Ann, to Aiello Calabro in June of 2006. She took many beautiful photographs and hopes to return someday. I had hoped to come to Aiello, but my health does not permit me to travel very far.

I send my best of the citizens of Aiello Calabro. Salute!