Italian Fallen Workers Memorial. Il 28 aprile la cerimonia per ricordare gli oltre mille caduti sul lavoro italocanadesi

Last year, on April 28th, the Italian community joined together to honour the almost 1000 Italian Fallen Workers who had been discovered up until that point, killed in workplace tragedies in the province of Ontario. We have learned that this new and untold story has staggering statistics, and is truly a tragic and honourable part of Italian immigration to Canada, not just Ontario. Through our research, we have discovered that Italian immigrants, right from the turn of the last century, were prominent on every large scale building project in Canada. We worked in the mines, we built the bridges, the dams, the canals, the subways, and the railway tracks all over the country, and finally, we played a prominent role in building up the infrastructure in the cities of our great nation. Although we played a massive role in the building up of this country, we also paid a tragic price, in the loss of Itailan lives, something which has never been spoken of before, or ever even acknowledged. 
This year, we will be adding over 500 plus names to the already 1000 names engraved on the Memorial Wall, a poignant monument that outgrew its initial designeven before it even broke ground. At that time, we had to re-design the space on the columns because there were so many more names than what was originally expected. This year, we will have to add an electronic database and kiosk because the Memorial Wall will be completely full, once the names we have verified are engraved and affixed to the Wall. Sadly, these tragic statistics are beyond anyone's understanding, yet they are horrifyingly real. They are an important part of our history as Italo-Canadians, but they are also a part of the history of Canada, especially this year, as our nation celebrates its 150th anniversary.
Please come and share with us a ceremony honouring those of Italian origin that perished building our great nation. Join us in honouring their memory, so that they may never be forgotten, and so that the Italian contribution to this country is fully realized, most importantly including its tragic losses.
Please help us spread the word about the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial and our Upcoming Ceremony on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 3 pm. A formal invitation and other information materials are attached. Please help spread the word in our community if you are apart of an association, or on your personal Facebook page, or even to your email contact database. It is important that the future generations learn about this part of our history, our full history of immigration, including the extreme sacrifices of those in our community who paid with the loss of their life in a workplace tragedy in our great nation.
The Italian Fallen Workers Memorial Commitee

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